Hello, my name is Lev Tankelevitch. This website serves as an archive of things I've worked on. I'm currently finishing a PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, where I've been studying the interaction between reinforcement learning and visual attention (in the labs of Dr. Mark Stokes and Prof. Matthew Rushworth), using a combination of behavioural experiments, neuroimaging, and modelling.

I'm also very interested in the interface between science, policy, and society. How does research evidence inform policy-making and how can this process be improved? How can policy-making ensure that science and technology development are more closely aligned with social needs? To answer this, I believe that two very broad and related approaches are important: science communication (adapted to all levels of complexity and all types of stakeholders) and improved recruitment of academically-trained people into the world of policy research and decision-making.

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