Science communication

Thoughout my PhD, I have become interested in how science is communicated to the those outside of it, and have explored ways that this can done effectively and creatively, including via public events, film, and interactive digital visualisation. With science festivals, my experience has focused on the local Oxford community, and with film and writing, on anyone with a curiosity in science. I have also written about the value of science communication in pieces aimed at scientists.


Defending science by opening up: Lessons from Understanding Animal Research (Naturejobs)

You're a designer — act like one (Naturejobs)

The 'black box' effect in science communication (Naturejobs, journalism competition winner)

Jogging down memory lane: how your brain remembers special places (Neurosphere)

What does MEG measure? (Nature Education Scitable: Brain Metrics)


Just a Touch (2017) (external link)

Interactive public stalls

Oxfordshire Science Festival 2016 (The "all-seeing eyeball" demo and the EEG alpha demo)

Brain Power! (Backyard Brain's Neuron Spikerbox demo and the human-human interface demo)


Anatomy of an Experiment (Photography)